The secret to the Souder Award: CU Evans Scholars achieve perfect GPAs

There are four pillars that encompass the ideals of every Evans Scholar: group unity, house maintenance, leadership and scholarship. The last of which can be, at times, difficult to uphold. High school seniors who are selected by the Scholarship Committee generally stand in the top percentiles of their graduating classes, achieving high standardized test scores and grade point averages. However, as they make the adjustment to a more rigorous course load, some students find it hard to maintain their status as high achieving students.

The expected GPA for each Evans Scholar is a 3.0, and the absolute minimum required to maintain in good standing is a 2.5. While the Foundation boasts a national 3.3 average, there are a few who struggle to meet the mark, and those who excel above and beyond expectations.

What is the key to overcoming academic challenges and becoming a successful student? At the Colorado chapter, there are several Scholars who have proven their commitment to academic excellence by achieving perfect 4.0 grade point averages. Those Scholars have been awarded the William F. Souder Jr. Evans Scholars National Committee Four Point Award.

The following Scholars have earned the Souder Award:

Jordan Gillmore
Caddied at: Lakewood Country Club
Major: Journalism
Study tips: "Actually study. Secondly, don't even take your phone to where you are going to study. Thirdly listen to music. Freshman year, I just barely got a 3.0. I had to really reevaluate my study habits and priorities. Putting more time into academics has definitely paid off."

Casey White
Caddied at: Victoria Golf Club
Major: Business administration dual emphasis accounting and finance
Study tips: "DON'T take notes during lecture, but read the slides and textbook beforehand, listen carefully to your professor during lecture, then take hand-written notes after. To struggling students - read the textbook [...] and when you are struggling with classes, sometimes you have to sacrifice Saturdays to catch up."

Kade Hiller
Caddied at: Ballyneal Golf and Hunt Club
Major: BSBA marketing
Study tips: "When I'm really trying to understand a subject on a deeper level, I like to write out all of my notes on whiteboards. Rewriting my notes, as well as the slides, gives my brain a chance to recall [...]. During my spring semester of my freshman year, I struggled more than any other semester. Instead of focusing on the learning objectives, I was focused on the stress of all that needed to be done. I got back on track by speaking to my professors, and realizing that college classes aren't that hard, it's all about the mindset."
How the Evans Scholarship has motivated him academically: "The Evans Scholarship has motivated me to do well in school because I'm not just representing myself; I'm representing the ESF, the WGA, and all the wonderful donors who make this opportunity for a college education possible. Remembering that they believe in my ability reminds me that I am able, capable, and worthy of getting an education."

Blake Biskner
Caddied at: Castle Pines Golf Club
Major: Mechanical engineering
Study tips: "This year I have studied a lot at the Engineering Center and the Evans Scholarship House, but I would recommend Norlin Library (except during finals week). I try to listen to instrumental music, like movie scores without lyrics to focus. Go to office hours as soon as you get stuck. It is much better to get help right away than to waste hours trying to figure out something simple. Also, read the course book. It clears up lectures and puts you miles ahead of most others in your class."
How the Evans Scholarship has motivated him academically: "I try my best because the Evans deserves it. I want all those people who have helped me to see that their time was worth it."