New Year, New Scholars

Scholarship House Living is perhaps one of the most esteemed of the Four Pillars of the Evans Scholarship. As a new year begins, old friendships are renewed and Evans Scholars are reminded of the profound gift we have been given to live in an environment surrounded by people who are not only exceptionally motivated and intelligent, but who also offer a sense of family that is unmatched by relationships outside of the bounds of the Scholarship House.

This year, 14 young men and women have been given the opportunity to join that family. Under the leadership of Colorado Vice President of New Scholars, Sarah Baines, the class of 2022 has already shown a tremendous amount of promise, and their enthusiasm for Group Living has truly rallied morale in our chapter. In the midst of House duties, study hours, class schedules and meal jobs, these Scholars have been busy. A few wanted to take an opportunity to let those at home know how they are adjusting...

"The first few weeks living in the Evans Scholarship House have been incredible. The House has given me an extensive support group that has helped with everything essentially - from when to buy books to campus directions to the best ways to manage my time, even where the cheapest places to eat are. It means a lot to have 59 other people behind my back at all times; you don't find that in many other places."
-Holden Elletson

"Dear Mom and Dad,
My first few weeks have been awesome; the activities and events Sarah planned have been so fun. This weekend we get to go camping, and it will be great. My classes are difficult, but interesting, and I'm excited to learn more."
-George Conway

"My first couple of weeks at the Evans Scholarship House have been amazing! Group living is truly achieved in this House by everyone as they have been so welcoming and friendly. Being an Evans Scholar is truly a blessing and an amazing opportunity that will go beyond my four years here at CU."
-Helina Seyoum

"The first few weeks of living in the Evans Scholarship House have been amazing. I am already super close to all the other freshmen because of an amazing vice president of New Scholars. Within these weeks, I have been able to talk to so many upperclassmen. Being able to sit down and talk with them makes me feel very comfortable around this House because I know everyone cares for each other. It is such a blessing to have this opportunity not only for the benefits of expenses, but because I am able to have over 50 people who are willing to help with anything."
-Anderson Gillmore

We cannot wait to see what is still in store for these New Scholars!