Scholar speaks at the Evans Cup of Colorado

As we approach a season of gratitude and thanksgiving, Evans Scholars around the country are made more wholly aware of the ultimate gift that they have been given that is the Evans Scholarship. Last month, at Denver Country Club, donors from all over the state gathered for the 2018 Evans Cup of Colorado. This is an event that has historically raised tens of thousands of dollars in donations for deserving caddies, and the generosity of donors at the 2018 Cup will undoubtedly allow for further Scholarships to the CU Boulder chapter.

At the event, senior Keane McClintock had the opportunity to address donors and express words of thanks on behalf of the entire Colorado chapter. McClintock, former vice president of New Scholars and an asset to the chapter, was asked what his reactions were to being asked to speak at the event.

What made the 2018 Evans Cup different from previous ones you have attended?

"This year was more influential because it is my senior year. I will really miss the Scholarship and getting the opportunity to speak felt like a great opportunity to represent the chapter one last time."

What was your reaction upon being asked to speak at the event?

"I was honored to think I was thought of as being professional and personable enough to give a speech. I think my experiences have produced barriers similar to those faced by other Scholars not only in the Colorado chapter, but across the country. I wanted to convey that adversity produces great character and the Evans Scholarship is a testament to that."

What would you like to say to those who donated so generously at the 2018 Evans Cup?

"Thank you so much for your support of the scholarship. It's truly life-changing. Going to a school such as CU-Boulder wouldn't have been possible. I've made some of my best friends within the Colorado chapter and have access to an incredible Alumni network."

What are your feelings entering your final year as an Evans Scholar?

"I'm even more appreciative of the Scholarship now that I'm a senior. I look back at so many terrific memories and I hope I can make more come graduation. I look forward to giving back. While I want to give back to the Scholarship monetarily through the Par Club, I'd also like to donate my time to helping students grow academically and professionally within the Colorado chapter."

Thank you to all who attended and gave so generously at the 2018 Evans Cup of Colorado!