Evans Scholar a preferred walk-on for the Buffaloes

Meet Chase Sanders. Like most Evans Scholars he spends his time on schoolwork, friends and taking in the scenery and amenities Boulder has to offer. Chase is from Jupiter, Florida, and is one of the few Scholars to come from the southern United States. “Boulder is definitely a change of pace, to say the least,” he notes.

Chase is a special Scholar, not only because he was a member of a freshman class to get 100 percent activation, or that he pulled a 3.4 GPA his first semester at a top university, it is because of his incredible commitments around campus. Chase started his career at the University of Colorado as a preferred walk-on for the Buffaloes football team. That means that as a freshman, in a new place surrounded by new obstacles and objectives, he gets up at 5 a.m. every weekday to train with the Buffs.

“That is definitely the worst part,” says Chase about the early morning hours spent in the weight room and on the field. Although it’s hard work and not always the most enjoyable, the opportunity to work toward playing for the Buffs is not one Chase takes lightly.

As a freshman in a Division I football program, it can seem a bit daunting that one day he will take the field against schools like Stanford and USC. “It’s always been my dream,” adds Chase. He has been playing football since the pee-wee years and has always had one goal, Division I football. Those dreams were realized for Chase when he received the Evans Scholarship and the opportunity to attend a school like CU Boulder. He plays the free-safety position, and says he has a more “defensive” mindset when it comes to football.

Furthermore, Chase’s first season with the Buffaloes was the first season the Buffs had been ranked since 2005. Colorado finished off the season ranked number 10 in the CFP (College Football Playoffs) rankings earning themselves the title of Pac-12 South champions. “Everyone knew that the rise is real...” says Chase about his first college football season, “...it wasn’t going to be a repeat of last season.” Chase’s first semester of college football was incredible, and it’s only the beginning. “It made us want to build off of it, and not take any steps backward.” The next three seasons for Chase will be full of early mornings, long travel days, and lots of schoolwork, but progression is always his, and his teammates' #1 goal.

Off the field, Chase is working towards a degree in the Leeds School of Business, and when he is not doing his schoolwork or at practice he spends most of his time with his teammates. “My teammates - my friends, that’s the best part.” All the hard work is beyond worth it for Chase, and the support of the Evans Scholarship makes it even more so. With the support of both the Evans Scholars Foundation and the Colorado Buffaloes, we know Chase will do great things in his four years at CU, on and off the field.