Pairing passion with knowledge

At the Colorado Evans Scholarship House, our students and their stories are what shape who we are the most.

Michael O’Hearne, a Boulder local and house poster collector, sets an example of how Scholars can pair their passions with the wonderful opportunities the Evans Scholar Foundation affords them to create success.

Michael is a sophomore who caddied at the Boulder Country Club and is studying marketing and operations management with a minor in Spanish. His schoolwork keeps him busy; working two internships and a hashing job keeps him even busier, and in between all that Michael makes time for his true passion: music.

Michael's musical passions started in junior high when he joined the middle school band. He originally played the baritone saxophone, but later switched it up to the tenor sax.

“It’s such a versatile instrument,” he notes, “it’s the only woodwind you see in rock and roll.”

That versatility and love for music allowed Michael to start a band his senior year of high school called Shark Fin Soup.

While the band plays a lot of alternative and indie rock music, Michael says that they are their own completely new genre, mixing in different elements and feeding off each other’s musical styles and backgrounds.

Shark Fin Soup is his true passion, but Michael's musical ambitions reach far beyond the stage. Besides performing and practicing, he spends his time interning at both the Fox Theater in Boulder, and at Trailhead Wealth Management in nearby Louisville. And like most Scholars, he also has a hashing job at a sorority that provides him with meals. He is also the marketing director of the University of Colorado Music Industry Club, which just successfully put on their first show.

Michael hopes that his passion for music, along with his hard work in and out of school will pair together to create opportunities in the music industry.

“I love playing and want more than anything for the band to succeed, but ultimately I know it will be my knowledge and education that ensure my success.”