Class of 2017

This year, the Colorado Evans Scholarship house is seeing 10 seniors graduate. Our 2017 seniors are diverse, unique, smart and exemplary Scholars. Ask any of them, and I’m sure they'll tell you the last four years of their lives have been some of their best years, and with all of their hard work inside and outside the classroom, the fun is far from over.

Our seniors have achieved executive board positions in the Colorado Evans Scholars chapter, as well as many other student groups on campus, and will all be joining the vast and resourceful Evans Scholars Alumni Association.

Asni Solomon, who studied microcellular developmental biology, is planning on continuing her path with the Evans Scholarship, and will be returning to our Scholarship House in the fall as a Graduate Resident Advisor, while she pursues her dream of becoming a physician assistant.

Andrea Pickford also studied microcellular developmental biology, and has plans of applying for nursing school in the fall. Currently she is looking for an internship or job in the health care industry in order to build her resume and learn real world medical skills.

Continuing with the medical trend, Hunter Olsen, who studied environmental biology, also hopes to apply to graduate pharmaceutical programs. He is currently looking for an entry-level job to gain real world experience before he goes back to school.

Alyssa Cordova is taking one more year to finish her studies at CU, and after that plans to enroll in the professional golf management program and continue to work toward her dream of becoming a head golf pro.

Meliziah Smith, who was awarded her scholarship when Hunter Mahan sunk a hole-in-one at the 2013 BMW Championship, has been working for the past four years to earn a degree in architectural engineering. She still has another year in Boulder to finish her coursework, but after that plans on living in the Denver area and has dreams of making the city beautiful through her unique combination of gothic and modern styles of architecture.

Alex Atwater will be graduating with degrees in operations management and global business. While he plans on attending graduate school, he is planning to postpone until the fall of 2018. Over the next year, he hopes to work in a job that will not only prepare him for his graduate programs, but also give him connections that will last beyond his schooling.

Jack Kamby spent his time at CU working toward a degree in geology at Boulder’s world-renowned Geosciences Department. While he still needs another semester to finish up his coursework, Jack has already illustrated his passion for responsible and sustainable energy and resource development. He hopes to work in the energy sector, likely in oil and gas.

Thomas Payne has one more semester in the Evans Scholarship House in the fall. He will be graduating with a degree in finance, and this summer will be working at MB Financial in Chicago.

Peter Casey will be earning a degree in operations management from the Leeds School of Business. Peter still needs another semester to finish up his degree, but we will surely be seeing him succeed in the coming years thanks to his combination of wit, knowledge and ability to think differently.

Kaitlin Calahane also studied in the Leeds School of Business, and she will be walking away from CU with a degree in marketing. She has already landed a job at a marketing agency and Denver and hopes her love for sports and the outdoors can translate into an amazing job working in those industries.

All of our seniors will be missed dearly. As fellow students, Scholars, peers, friends and family, we all say thank you; thank you for your hard work, thank you for inspiring others to following in your footsteps, and thank you for getting through the tough and rigorous process to earn an undergraduate degree. Also, never forget to thank Chick Evans, because his dream has changed our lives forever and redefined what was and is possible. Thanks Chick.